August 17, 2007

This will be in the slide show at their wedding...

NO....although arranged marriages sounded really easy when I was sick of dating, I will let my children choose their own spouses. That being said, if 1YO picked this kid I would not be disappointed! He is three weeks (to the day) younger than she is.
The funny thing is that they already sort of fight like a married couple! She screeches at him and pushes him away. He looks at her like she's crazy and walks away. Plus, they have so much in common! The both like their sippy cups, the Teletubbies, and to spit their juice on things. They are both really busy little people but seem to balance each other out pretty well.
Plus, he's our neighbor and we get along with his family really well. Now, I'm not ordering the cake just yet, but David and I are pretty sure that there will be at least a little dating between the two families when they are older. As a matter of fact, his grandparents grew up as neighbors and ended up getting married. They are still happily married.
It's crazy to think about the paths our kids will take as they grow. What's worse is how little control we actually have over any of it. I want them to grow up surrounded by wonderful things. But, I also want them to have their share of heartache to keep them grounded and gain appreciation and perspective from it. I also want them to be healthy and open-minded. And skinny. Skinny and with lots of shoes.
What do you want for your children?


LStilts said... all I wan for my kids..And for them Not to grow up and be like their dad...He was was something else growing up and still

Dawn said...

Well right now I'd settle for seeing them get through the year without being sent to the principal's office more than a dozen times.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute!!!

Angela said...

So cute!
I want them to be happy and not embrass me. And I don;t wantt hem to balme me for all their prob;ems in life. I hope they are independent and confident.

So what is the deal with your feet! I am so intrigued because that is me exactly! Both feet will swell but the left one never goes down. When I am pregnant my toes don't even touch the floor somedays. Igh! What are they doing for you? They told me to wrap my foot at night in an ace bandage as tight as I could. AAHH!! I only tried that twice. I woke up after about an hour, panicking and I couldn't get it off fast enough. It hurt so badly and forced the fluid up into my calf and knee. We must be kindres spirits! HAHAHA!

Angela said...

Holy typos in that post! Sorry!

gmttzy said...

Nice site.. Wishing you a Happy Sunday! Keep the articles coming!