July 22, 2007

And speaking of spots...

...I got another migraine last night. Although it is another migraine to add to my lifetime total, it's honestly been months since I can remember having one. I just hope this isn't the beginning of a cluster of them.
Yeah...that's all I need....five children and a cluster of migraine headaches. My social skills would be completely shot and everything would be dealt with on a 'need to do' basis. No room for fun in a life like that!!!
I started seeing the spots as I was beginning to make dinner last night. I usually rub my eyes and look around a little more to be sure. I always hope I'm wrong. A digital clock is my best ruler for determining if any pieces of my vision are missing. Either way, it's only a matter of time before the wiggly, lighted spots have taken over a good portion of my field of vision. Then, you can't help but notice them.
As a child, I would get really anxious and upset when a migraine hit. I would always end up vomitting before it was done with. I would usually cry, even screaming sometimes, until I literally passed out from exhaustion. My mom would just let me sleep as long as I needed. I would wake up a little groggy, but otherwise fine. As the years went by, I tried various methods of fighting these things. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that it's best for me to just keep on keepin' on.
First off, I don't get as worked up about them as I used to. If it's coming, it's coming. No amount of crying or tension will help. In fact, I'm pretty sure that makes them worse. I've tried various injections and pills from the doctor. None of them have worked for me. Well, the injections did actually work for me, but the side effects made it not worth it. One of those shots made it hard for me to stay awake for almost three days. And who can live like that? I'd rather just deal with the headache and get on with my life!
I mean, I always knew I was a 'cheap date' but come on!!!
I'm not actually through all the phases of this one. It's just sort of a waiting game now. I have already experienced the blind spots, nausea, and the sour, burning feeling in the back of my throat. My head hurts and I am exhausted. Before this headache is done with I will have a runny nose and...you probably don't want to know the last step in the process! I never knew that all of those were actually textbook symptoms of a migraine headache until I read it in a book and put two and two together.
I is smart!
Well, I've already barked at these kids for pouring too much cereal, spilling milk, loading the dishwasher and putting away laundry. I'd better look around so I don't run out of things to nag them about!
Right now, 8YO is singing the 'Spider Pig' song from the commercial for the 'Simpsons Movie.'
"Spi-der pig. Spi-der pig. Does what-ev-er a spider pig does..."
Thank you, Homer Simpson, for giving me something to smile about while I feel like complete crap.


wildtomato said...

Oh no! I hope this migraine blows by quickly.

Our afternoon has been determined. The boy trimmed a tree, a rouge branch bounced, and now we're out one French door. Sigh. Why can't he just relax like a normal person when he has jet lag???

Anonymous said...

I soooo can relate to the migranes. I get them ALOT and always ahve. I now take Topomax every day and for the headaches than manage to bust through I have the Maxalt pills that melt under your tongue (nasty lol) and then darvocet, diclofenac, and phenergan. So I am basically a walking pharmacy just for headaches lol. I hope you start to feel better soon I know they wipe me out for days so rest up and get to feeling better as soon as you can. Take care.


Di said...

I hate those blind, bright spots almost more than the headaches cause they make me sick. Those and the dizziness. I can get rid of those with Aleve, but when the headache grabs a hold the only thing that will get rid of it is sleep. *sigh*

Oh, The Joys said...

Ugh. Nothing hurts more. So sorry you were suffering.