July 21, 2007


So, I picked up some of the 'Oxy Clean' stuff for my carpets, laundry and whatnot. I'm sure I'm like most people who have quite the collection of stain-fighting accessories in their laundry room. If it's been around awhile and it looks like it works, I'm sure I'll try it. Word of mouth is also one of my weapons.

In fact, one of my favorite stain-fighting secrets is some stuff I pick up at the dollar store. It smells just like ammonia. In fact, it may very well be ammonia. I don't care either way but I do know that it's the only thing that gets breastfeed baby poop stains out of white onesies. It can't conquer all stains, but it definitely has its uses in my home.

So, there are a few spots on my carpet that haven't come out with my usual artillery. So, I picked up some of that 'OXY' stuff. One of the stains might be coffee. All I know is my usual weapons of choice didn't touch it. I mix the solution as directed and pour it onto the stains, one at a time. I allow it to sit for the recommended number of minutes and used a white towel to blot the stain out, as instructed.

I couldn't tell right away whether the stuff worked or not since it left a wet spot that was obviously darker than it was going to be. Well, wouldn't you know that the stupid stuff made a clean spot in my carpet, which I noticed the next day?

What the heck is up with that???

Now I have to find some sort of similar solution to try to clean the entire room with that stuff. It works really well. I guess you could say almost too well.

I just wish it didn't make more work for me in the process! Plus, are we really that filthy here?

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Anonymous said...

Cover the spot with a piece of furniture or, a random toy, and call it a day. LOL Are you sure it didn't get bleached out a bit. The difference in color is extreme. Look under an unmoved piece of furniture to be sure the original color of carpet is that light. Good Luck!