July 16, 2007

What Every Woman Has Thought...

I'm sorry, but Carrie from 'King of Queens' is my new hero! I could be wrong on this, but I get the feeling that that conversation is pretty true-to-life. She certainly took the words out of my mouth!

And the children are no better.

"Mom, we're out of (insert food or any other consumable item)"

"No we're not. There is a brand new thing of it in the (insert location)"

"No, Mom. There is none here. It's all gone."

Whatever it might have been, it didn't jump up and start yelling, "HERE I AM!!! I'M RIGHT HERE!!! YOU HAVE TO MOVE SOMETHING TO SEE ME, BUT I'M HEEEEEEERE!!!"

Therefore, it did not exist in her world.

I'm also tired of being a 'tour guide' in my own house.

I'm not alone here, am I?


wildtomato said...

Eh, me and the boy go back and forth being a tour guide at our place. I have no idea where anything is in the garage, and he doesn't know where things are in the office. I also can't seem to match socks correctly, so he does most of the laundry since slightly matching socks bug him.

Jana said...

Oh, no. You are not alone! My husband cannot find the broom ... ever. It is always in the same place: next to the refrigerator ... you know ... that very large black two doored appliance that takes up about 1/8 of our kitchen?!?!?!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so NOT alone on this one. I have always said that in my house "I can't find it" REALLY means "It hasn't fallen into my outstretched hands, so I haven't a clue"....

eeyore s said...

Yeah Carrie is my hero too..That is totally how I feel!!!