July 26, 2007

Appeasing the Masses

I am so burnt out on the usual 'kid-friendly' foods!
But with cheer season here and two extra kids, corn dogs and frozen pizzas have become the 'norm' for us. I decided to mix it up a little today.
I had purchased some English muffins at the store yesterday. I originally bought them for breakfast, but they looked more like pizzas to me today.
I poured some plain old spaghetti sauce in a bowl and tossed in a spoon. I laid out some slices of cheddar cheese on a plate. I didn't have normal mozzarella cheese, but I buy string cheese by the case, since that seems to be 1YO's drug of choice. I 'stringed' it up and then cut it into bits and put it in a bowl. I put half an English muffin on each plate and let them spoon their own sauce onto it. They then decorated it with the cheese of their choice and I popped them in the toaster oven.
They were so excited to eat their own pizzas!

Half of an English muffin

Bowl of spaghtetti sauce, with spoon

Shredded string cheese, cut up

Spread the sauce

Cover with cheese of your choice

5YO with creation

Food TV

This is more exciting than cable!

And here are their finished products:

11YO with finished product

8YO with finished product

5YO with finished product

4YO with cheese and bread!

And "did they eat them?" you ask. Of course! I made cookies to eat afterward!



wildtomato said...

Pizza sounds good right now! I cannot imagine cooking for 5 kids. If the boy is picky about his food, well, he just starves.

Tonight, however, I have a brisket braised with BBQ sauce and beer going in the oven. I might make a blueberry cobbler to go with it, too!

Anonymous said...

That looks so yummy. And yes your little nephews are absolutely adorable. there is definately a family resemblance between those kiddos. Take care


Anonymous said...

That was a great idea! It helps when lunch prep. takes a bit of time and they're more forgiving when they take part in it. I'm ordering PIZZA! LOL

LStilts said...

that pizza looks yummy! wow 5 kids..

Lynne said...

Those were a great idea! You should submit it to one of those cooking magazines. That would be great too for when the kids have friends over that you also need to feed. Quick, easy and they actually eat it!

Anonymous said...

Good grief! What's with all the oddly placed, superfluous italics? Do you talk like that?

The title's funny but the blog's unreadable. Sorry!

Barbara said...

I am an old mom (hence a grandmother) and I loved the post you had about not being able to stop talking. I was reading an article in "real simple" magazine that defined the...I don't want to say problem...situation. I have struggled with the need to full the silence for ever. Moms can be forgiven, grandmother need help!!! :).

Keep the sense of humor and come visit me sometime.


Marie said...

Hey LeAnne, Angel here, I loved your pizza blog. It brought back some old memories of me and my kids when they were little. You know what Your oldest daughter looks just like you! They are all adorable and I enjoyed this blog so much...even with the italics. Heeheee, I read your Anonymous comment below and had to laugh. Someone must have a corn cob up their butt today.

Hugsss ya tight! Keep on, keepin on gf!