July 20, 2007


How many of us either live or have lived with a man?
When we remodeled our back bathroom (I hesitate to call it the 'master bath' from its small size and the pitiful size of the room it's attached to...) we upgraded the fixtures as well. We found a set of fixtures at Home Depot for a very reasonable price and in the type of metal we were looking for.
The toilet paper holder was not like anything I had ever seen before. You just slide the roll on and off. It's that simple. Now, our holder is the perfect height for me to accidentally elbow the roll off the holder and onto the floor on occassion...but that's another gripe altogether. For the most part, I am content with the ease of changing the roll.
I mean, a monkey could do this, right? Maybe....just not my husband!

The World's Simplest Toilet Paper Holder

Nothing to disconnect, no effort required.

The Empty Roll...you just slide it off!

You simply slide the old roll off...

A New Roll...just slid on!

...and slide the new one on!

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

So, then why do I find THIS

What I Find Instead....BOYS!

when I go into my bathroom?

I honestly don't think they could make it any simpler.

Do you?


Anonymous said...

That's to funny!! At least with ours Eddie complains that his fingers can't unhook the pin. I think yours is the simplest I have ever seen. You could even make this 1yr first chore. LOL

LStilts said...


wildtomato said...

Eh, I guess your husband is a bit, um, special? Ha ha! We avoid this problem altogether by being ghetto and not even having a TP holder. TP always sits on the counter.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I showed this to Mike and he chuckled. Not to laugh at David, but in UNDERSTANDING... because he would do the same thing. Boys.... ick!

Anonymous said...

We are in the same boat sister!

Opal said...

LMAO. How Ironic you posted this on the day that I went into the bathroom did my business and found not only the roll holder empty, the counter roll empty but also the cupoboard where the spares are kept. Thank God I have the presence of mind to keep a roll hidden in a secret spot. To make it worse the BF admitted it was him not the kids!!!!!!!!!!

I don't get it.

Stephanie O'Dea said...

LOL!!! I love it.