July 6, 2007

My Left Ovary Hurts. And how's your day going?

Brilliant conversation starter, isn't it? Well, it's true. As much as I feel like I'm back to normal, that little ache is a reminder that, a mere week and a half ago, they cut a cyst out of it the size of a golf ball!
Is it wrong to keep the kids outside on such a hot day? I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet so much that I don't want it to end. There is shade...and water. They are locked safely inside a 6-foot chain link fence. It's a perfectly acceptable place to lock my dog when we leave the house. From my perspective, the laws on animal cruelty seem to be far more specific than the ones made to protect children anyway!
I think I just need to stop watching the news.
As difficult as this job can be, it comes with a certain amount of power as well. Here I sit at my desk, and I glance upon the toy that came from the cereal box today. It's mine. All mine. That is, until they can decide to quit fighting about it. As a kid, I would have killed for power like this. It's a pencil topper. Sometimes, just to amuse myself, I pretend to play with and thoroughly enjoy the toy I have taken out of their possession. Just for kicks.
Man, I need to quit watching the news and get out more!
I must share with you a quick quote from 4YO:
"If I wipe my butt four times it will get red. But, not if I put use the white stuff!"
Personal hygiene, colors. This kid is ready to take on the world! Or, at the very least the bathroom.
My brief visit with peace and quiet has come to a close, as the children have found their way back inside. My only hope now is that I can bribe them with root beer floats in exchange for some quiet time. Think it'll work?
Probably not. Probably not.