July 25, 2007

"She rubs the lotion on the skin, or else she gets the hose again"

Wouldn't you know that this would be my first complete thought of the day? It's not as if I just came to this thought instantly. It's a process.
David's first alarm clock goes off at 5:45, the first time anyway. He has it set to play the radio because he doesn't think the alarm is something we want to hear at such a wee hour. Personally, I don't think any sound is nice to hear at that hour, but maybe that's just me. Since David doesn't actually usually get up until 7:00 or 7:30, we get to hear random bits of a radio station's morning show at nine-minute intervals.
Yeah, don't get me started on that okay?
So, as I'm fighting hard to tune them out and stay asleep, I hear the radio announcers talking about the weather. They say that it's going to be hotter today than yesterday, though the humidity will be lower so it should feel okay. I start to wonder if I could actually forgo lotion on the really sticky, humid days. I've pretty much scaled my routine to get ready down to the bare minimum, but I'm always looking to skip another step. I could save almost a full minute if I didn't have to slather my desert-like arms and legs in lotion, right?
Of course, the next logical step in the thought process would be to think of 'Silence of the Lambs' right? Seriously, I started thinking that I couldn't go without lotion no matter how much moisture is in the air! You know who else couldn't go without lotion? Yup, that lady in the pit in 'The Silence of the Lambs!'
These were all little fragments that came together to form, "She rubs the lotion on her skin, or else she gets the hose again!"
5YO just put a harness on himself.
Are these little indicators to the kind of day I'm going to have? Perhaps little red flags telling me to just go back to bed? If only I could listen....

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