October 22, 2008

A 2YOism for ya...

David is home today, an surprise day off! We've been busier than usual. Keeping 2YO's pants dry is a full time job on its own!

Speaking of 2YO....

I was putting on my makeup in my bathroom, getting ready to pick 5YO up from school. 2YO was doing that repetitive two-year-old annoying thing, opening and closing my bathroom door, over and over and over.

I sternly told her to stop.

She kept going.

I turned around (because it's next to impossible to put on mascara when the door mere inches behind you is opening and closing repetitively!) and swatted her on the back of her hand as I was saying 'STOP' one last time.

No tears, no arguments. Instead, she looks at her hand, looks up at me and says, "I'm going to go stand over here now." She steps a few feet in the opposite direction and stands up on a step stool.

After a few seconds, I notice that she's really studying me. She looks me in the eye and says, "Mom, your don't like kids" in the most matter-of-fact tone I'd ever heard her use.

Then she went about her day, as if all the mysteries of the world had just been solved.

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