October 29, 2008

Okay..so I know I saw a Tuesday around here somewhere...where did it go?

Let's just say that my Tuesday was sort of a blur.
By the way, that picture up there is what you should be having for dinner this week. I must agree with the CrockPot Lady when she says that it " felt exactly like eating a bowl full of Fall." David kept telling me that it smelled like potpourri. And he kept eating it, even though he had some dental work done yesterday that might have made eating rice and sausage a tad bit uncomfortable. But, that didn't stop him from eating two big bowls of it. He liked it, I think.
I'm actually starting to think that this might be a good side dish for Thanksgiving. But, we already have so many side dishes at Thanksgiving and I don't see us giving up on any of them. My mom and I go crazy on Thanksgiving with the food! We go overboard, but that's okay. Because, the only thing that's better than Thanksgiving Day is THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS!!! Mmmmm....
David had a dentist appointment yesterday and I had to go to the doctor. The doctor I was sent to for my knees is now sending me to a doctor to look at my spine. They say the numbness doesn't seem like it could be caused by my previously broken pelvis. So, I get to see ANOTHER DOCTOR that makes me feel silly for being there when his waiting room is full of elderly people in walkers and people who have been in horrific car accidents and such. You know, the people who REALLY NEED TO BE THERE. They still say that my symptoms are not your run-of-the-mill 'CLUMSY,' but nothing is clear right now.
Between appointments and cheer practice and putting dinner together, I barely had any time to relax. By the time we were home and ate dinner, I was ready to pass out. We went to bed at 10:00, although I think I heard David channel-surfing for at least another hour or so. We got a DVR for the living room and the digital cable box that was there was moved into our room. David now has WAY more channels to surf through and is in hog heaven. Luckily, he's on vacation this week and can keep odd hours. I hope he gets it out of his system this week because he's no fun when he has to work with very little sleep. Who is, though?
I have a huge mess to clean up around here. We were gone all day and most of the evening and it really shows. We make more of a mess on our way out and back in that if we'd stayed here all day. Plus, I think I want to try to make THIS today. Wish me luck! It's sort of a long process and I'm hoping that I have time to do it all if I start it soon enough. But first, I have some major cleaning to do in my kitchen! Other than the yogurt, I think it's 'leftover night.' YIPEEEEE!!! I love leftover nights!
Have a great day!


wildtomato said...

So cool! I must try this, too.

SJSFalter+ said...

I am determined to use my crockpot when we move (that sounds so far away and so lazy but I am beyond overwhelmed lately and the thought of pulling this house together in 3 weeks for packers with finals makes me want to scream, but I digress) and the idea of yogurt is beyond awesome. I was reading a blog post at Crunchy Chicken about homemade yogurt and was inspired but then discouraged by buying an item just for yogurt. I am not a fan of a gadget for everything...I must try this! Tell us what you think.

Leann I Am said...

My yogurt is in its first phase right now. In about 15 minutes, I can turn it off. And wait. Then I can mix in a little real yogurt. And wait again!

I also have chicken broth going, as it was impossible to do it yesterday.

Mmm...this is going to take ALL DAY!!!