October 3, 2008

A Friday Challenge, of sorts....

2YO and Lily snuggle up with an old comforter and watch tv this morning. I think they like the cooler weather too!
GOOD FRIDAY MORNING! I have so much to do today that I certainly won't get it all done. So, instead of making a list that I know I cannot possibly stick to, I will most likely spend my day bargaining with myself as to what's more important and get way less done than I actually could have in the process.
I know...it doesn't make much sense to me, either!
I'm not grocery shopping until Sunday, so I have a little more time to plan my menu for the week. This weather is finally cooling down. YAY!!! However, my sinuses are not the least bit happy about the windy change in weather. It's nice to not have to run the A/C, though! I'm looking forward to smaller energy bills and being able to take my time getting the 'cold stuff' home from the grocery store.
It's the little things, you know?
I'm looking for input, alright? I would like to challenge you to share with the BEST coupon website or methods you have for saving money. What's the best you've done on your grocery bill? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? I am a total coupon newbie here! I have clipped a bunch that I would probably use, but I really need to know more tips as to how to get the most bang for my buck.
So, what's your secret? How do you make things stretch? Do any stores actually do 'double coupons' anymore? I used to see all sorts of deals that people used to get at Vons...but I don't hear as much about them and their coupons lately.
So in the next few days, I'd like to challenge to show me the best way to save. I'm sure there are tons of savvy shoppers out there.....
Ummm....hello? Is anyone out there?


Shakes said...

well I have no suggestions, but I wanted to let you know i was here!!

Jessie said...

Do you have a pen? Get a pen, write this down.

Even with coupons you might not be saving. Sometimes they entice you to buy products that you dont need/wouldnt usually buy, so really decide if they're worth it, because even at a discount you're still wasting money on stainless steel wipes that you'll use twice.

Also, even with a coupon, if the savings doesnt bring that jar of Best Foods Mayo down below the store brand price or the competition, you need to re think using that coupon and just buying the cheaper product. Studying this stuff takes hours.

Also, dont be fooled by 10 for $10 sales. I've seen my store put a normally 79 cent product on sale for 10 for 10 and it's bullshit, they play mind games with you.

You might want to join the Yahoo group "socal frugal coupon moms." I havent been to that group for a while but they used to swap coupons. Also, if you havent already done this, FREECYCLE.ORG. You will be happy.

wildtomato said...

The biggest way I save money is by avoiding the big box grocery stores. I'm sure that out there in rural suburbia there have to be more produce stands around. I buy seasonal (cheaper) produce, and by shopping at smaller outfits, I'm less tempted to buy processed food.

You have so much land that gardening is a real option, too.

Of course, this all takes time that you are in short supply of right now. So, feel free to ignore my suggestions!

Anonymous said...

I am poopy with the whole coupon thing, I tend to forget to actually use them. However I have two websites that I look at for ideas to have a lower food bill. I like somethings but not others. Here are the links:


By the way I am signing this anonymous but I am Angela/froggy from 360 and Multiply.

AMY said...

I am so crappy at cupons. When I look at them I tend to find more for things I never buy. For example big name brands that even with the cupon are more expensive than what I normally buy. Also I HATE the buy two get .75 off the third or some crap because I really only need 1 which is certainly cheaper than 3 even with the .75 off. If I happen to see a cupon for something I KNOW that I will buy and it isnt asking me to purchase like 12 of something then I will do it. I tend more to just look at which pacakges I get more for my money on. Like if i buy so many ounces of this it is whatever per ounc and if i buy the bigger package it is more per ounce cost wise. In that situation I would buy two of the smaller package and it is cheaper sometimes or you get more than if you just bought one of the bigger package. Wow that is a ramble lol. I will say goodluck in your endeavors!!!

SJSFalter+ said...

I dont know jack about coupons really, just the website stuff. I hope to get back into it when we move.
It didnt actually dawn on me that when its hot outside I would be rushing home to put the cold stuff away. I guess in Vegas Ill be using a cooler for transport then.

mylitlbratz said...

I never use coupons. Should but never do. I am terrible at saving money food shopping. I end up going to the store for one thing and come out with a carriage full of shit I really don't need. I've tried meal planning so that I only buy what I need,it just never seems to work...