October 16, 2008

Believe it or not, I actually have his permission to blog about this!

Have you had a really good chuckle lately? I always think I have, then I see or hear something that really tickles my funny bone to the point where I can't breathe. That, my friends, is some funny stuff!
I'm sure you've read (unless this is your first time here and, if so, WELCOME!) that I've had a real love for TACO SOUP as of lately. Well, I have. In the past month or so, I've made it three times. Even though I'm following the same recipe and using the same ingredients, some 'side effects,' if you will, seem to worsen with each batch. You might remember the last time I made this soup. I mentioned in little snippet toward the end about all the awful noises that were coming out of my family all night long. Well, this time it was even worse! It became so bad that, after his second night of eating Taco Soup for dinner, David was looking for the Gas-X!
Well, since I'm the mom and I seem to be the only one in this house that knows how to find things and replace the toilet paper (which has nothing to do with this story at all, I just like to throw that in whenever I can!) he knew he would have to wait for me to get it for him. Being somewhat resourceful, he thought he'd found something on his own. I had no idea that he'd grabbed something on his own and had forgotten to find him the Gas-X as he left for work.
About 20 minutes later, he called me. He was almost at work, but he had to share something with me. Something that left me in tears. He'd found some 'gas relief' stuff on his own. When he read me the name of it, it didn't quite ring a bell. At first. Then, he read me all the claims the product makes. First of all, there's a big yellow star on the front of the bottle that says 'GAS RELIEF!' on it. That's probably what caught his attention first. Along the top, it says, 'Freshens Breath*Relieves Gas*Tastes Great.' The description under the name of this product says
'Chewable Breath and Gas Relief Tablets.'
Sounds like something a lot of us could use, right?
Only one little line on the whole bottle told David that he should not take these tablets:
GUARANTEE: Treat your dog to Breath-eze daily for one week. If, after seven days, you do not notice an improvement, send the unused portion and sales reciept to St. Jon for a full refund.
Most of you who have known me awhile remember our dog Hogan. Hogan was a reeeeeeally old Boxer....and he had the gas and bad breath to prove it! I had bought that bottle of 'Breath-Eze' for him, hoping it would help. It might have, but he wouldn't touch them. I ended up trying to give him one tablet and then throwing it away after he showed no interest in it. The bottle just got shoved in a drawer or clutter basket or something...until yesterday.
I really miss my Hogan, but I don't miss that smell! Old dogs are usually sort of smelly anyway, but old BOXERS just might be the smelliest! Well, it's between them and old HUSBANDS.....
By the way, I found him the Gas-X and life has returned to normal once again.


Shakes said...

That is the best story ever... I swear... and the best part is David gave you permission to repost it!!! how great is that!!!

My Dave is the same way, he will wait for me to get what ever it is he wants, but I don't think he would mistake a dog's breath-gas meds for gas-x... now, gas drops, that was what I was expecting to hear he had!!

Leann I Am said...

Hehehe....in his defense, it only used the word 'DOG' on the bottle the one time! In the GUARANTEE, of all places! The newer label has paw prints all over it, but this bottle is a year old! I wonder if they changed the wording on the label as well...

Opal said...

Totally needed that laugh. Only thing that would have been better is if he HAD taken it. LOL

Isn't it funny how men never bother to know where anything is! They just defer to us and make us take care of it. Dean has figured out he's going to have to find it himself or wait till I am ready to find it now and he is much better at looking before asking.

Leann I Am said...

David hasn't quite learned that one yet! Then again, he's probably going to be even WORSE for awhile, you know, since he almost took DOG MEDICATION and all!!!!


AMY said...

Oh i SOOOOOO Needed that laugh. I even shared with my migraney hubby lol. It did us both good lol. Wonder if it means anything that BEFORE I finished the story my hubby knew the end......wonder if he has pulle dthe same thing only quietly lol.

SJSFalter+ said...

Okay that gave me a really good LOL moment. Thanks for sharing. Men?! What would we do without them? Wait dont answer that, I think its a loaded question but there are many things that come to mind straight away. All good by the way.

Bridget said...

I just found your blog from the Taco Soup blog. I hope its ok that I read your blog? (You did say welcome at the beginning) That is hilarious! I thought he had taken a "bowel relief pill" but dog pills are much more funny! Thanks for the laugh! And I am the only one at my house that knows how to replace the T.P. roll too....it must be men in general???