October 30, 2008

Channeling Martha Stewart and Roseanne Barr Simultaneously

I made yogurt! The two containers on the left are made with apricots, the pink stuff in the middle is mixed berries and bananas and the small one on the right is a little cup of plain I plan to use as a starter for my next batch!

Here's 2YO eating yogurt, but not the yogurt I made! Little weasel won't touch MY yogurt! She would, however, hold that spoon in her mouth as long as it took to take the picture without being asked.

12YO went to school as an angel today. It's funny...yesterday, she came home and told us that a boy at school said something to her. Am I a bad mom for thinking it's funny? He's her age, no older than 12. He told her she must "work at Subway, because she just gave him a FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLONG!" I just laughted out loud as I typed it. I gotta give that kid some props for creativity. Sorry, but I do! What I'm the most proud of is how 12YO handled it, though. She just walked away. She didn't take it too personally. She came right home and told us, which is always important. She didn't insult or aggravate him, which I totally would have done at her age! I just have to remind myself that she's in junior high now and she will be exposed to all sorts of people, their comments, and bad behavior in general. And she came out of this one like a champ.
If she handles the rest of her life this way, she'll be just fine.

Oh! And here's my homemade chicken broth. IN THE CROCK POT, of course! I'm pretty proud of me. I used to burn Kool-Aid, now I can make my own chicken broth! WOW. I even used a bit of it last night to make a chicken pot pie. But not in the crock pot. I had both crock pots working on my chicken broth and yogurt. This was the first time I realized that I might actually need MORE THAN TWO crock pots.
It's a sickness, I tell ya!
My chicken pot pie came out REALLY GOOD. 5YO (who is usually my picky eater) ate two big helpings of it. Then, she asked me if I could make this for breakfast and lunch too! We ate the entire 13X9 pan full of it. Next time, I think I'll try to make individual little pies for everyone. It wouldn't be any more complicated, just a few more dishes to do. I used the leftover chicken from my rotisserie-style chicken and a bad of frozen mixed veggies. I made my own soup base from my chicken broth, flour and milk. I've come to realize that I actually like to cook, I just hate measuring things. So, I just dumped stuff in until it looked and tasted right. I just mixed up some heart-healthy Bisquick and milk for the bread topping. I even sprinkled a little shredded cheddar cheese before I poured the topping on. It. Was. AWESOME.
Here's my yogurt before I mixed in the fruit. It actually tasted like plain yogurt, which I actually sort of like! I can eat it with fruit and need no sugar at all. I used to eat a half of a honeydew melon for breakfast and fill it full of nonfat plain yogurt. Mmmm.....
I woke up with a horrible headache this morning. However, that didn't stop me from spending three and a half solid hours in the kitchen. And no, I haven't started dinner yet! I need to get as much done as I can, as I have to check 5YO and 12YO out of school a few minutes early to get them to the dentist. After that, 12YO has to rush back to a school dance and she has cheer practice after that, which I have to be there for. LONG DAY.
I married a man that leaves his socks all over the place. You too? Good, then I'm not alone! However, he just pointed out to me this morning that it may not always be him. He told me that he saw Lily carry a pair of his socks down the hall and drop them in the middle of the living room. THAT'S RIGHT...HE'S BLAMING THE DOG NOW! Even if she is the one bringing them to the living room, where is she getting them from? The hamper in the hallway and his dresser drawers are the only places his socks should really be, and Lily can reach neither of those. She's also been known to steal the girls' socks and take them out into the backyard, but those weren't where they belonged to begin with either! Hmmmm...I'm noticing a pattern in my family....
Well, I'm off to start the race! Have a great one!


Crockpot Lady said...

WOW! you were so busy!

I'm scared that I think I know what that comment from that boy meant.

I'm so not ready for the growing up.


Jessie said...

I am interested in this pot pie you mention. Yogurt is yucky and will kill me and make me break out in hives and stop my heart, so screw that. But the pot pie, tell me more about this pot pie. It's noon and I dont think I've eaten today.

Uh oh...that doesnt sound good...

Leann I Am said...

The pot pie was made with chicken, frozen mixed veggies, and a cream-of-something soup base recipe that I adapted from one of the Crockpot Lady's (Yeah, that lady right up there!) recipes. You could probably totally use soy milk to make the soup base and to make the crust. I used Italian seasoning, minced garlic, onion powder and Kosher salt to season it. I even seasoned the crust with onion powder and garlic. I can't tell you measurements because I just dumped it all in....but it was reeeeeally good, and actually didn't have a lot of salt in it at all!

wildtomato said...

LOL! Is it wrong that I laughed at what the 12 YO boy said to your 12 YO? Is it wrong that I then told the boy, and we laughed together?

Mmmm, the yogurt sounds good. I'll have to make some when we're done traveling.