October 17, 2008

You're so cute! Now, go away.

I find myself saying that to my kids on occasion.
I am trying to really potty train 2YO. However, I'm too chicken to go totally cold turkey. Sooooo, I bought some of these OLD SKOOL training pants! I hope they work...she's already peed in one pair and didn't like how it felt. I am just so sick of buying Pull-Ups!!!
As I'm typing this, I just told my dog that she was so cute...but to go away too! See? I am an equal-opportunity ignorer!!! Sometimes I just get tired of being the one who is climbed on and whined at all day.
I am on the verge of turning into a bad-ass when it comes to getting this house straightened up...we'll see how well THAT pans out! Well, these kids are making more of a mess out of what is already pretty messy. I need to crack that whip and start growling at them before I get lost in all the mess!


Jessie said...

I'll be honest, both of my kids were three before they were out of diapers. Wade just learned last week. And I did it cold turkey, underwear only. It seems like they're more mature and they understand it better, but then I have boys and I hear that's different.

SJSFalter+ said...

I have no intention of potty training Baby A any time soon. Maybe after we are settled in Vegas. Q-tip was pretty much potty trained by 2.5 but that was because he went to school. Oh how I miss Belgium...