October 2, 2008


Could somebody PLEEEEEASE pull this monkey off my back?
I've just been home for a little while now. I worked in 5YO's classroom this morning and brought 2YO home just in time to throw dinner in the crock pot and make myself some lunch.
Lunch wasn't so bad, really. I took a couple of corn tortillas, a couple slices of cheese and some lunch meat and heated them up in the toaster over. I then squirted mustard on them and ate them like tacos, or quesadillas or whatever. They were really good, but something was 'missing.' I was not completely satisfied.
Maybe it's that headache in the front left quadrant of my skull. Maybe it's the weather change. Whatever the case, my body is telling me to keep eating.
I decided on some chips and salsa. After all, there are far worse snacks than chips and salsa! Once the salsa was gone, I kept eating chips. I made quite a noticable dent in the already oversized bag of chips.
And I still want more. Not more chips, really, but more something. I would really love to make another one of THESE, but I'm not sure that I should. I've had a slight headache ever since my last encounter with the thigh-expanding, migraine-inducing slices of heaven. Maybe I should just have some honey....or nothing. Nothing would be good, but not nearly as good as that chocolate cake.
But I can't stand the thought of my headache getting bad again or, even worse yet, getting a migraine. Last week's migraine kicked my butt. I just can't do that again.....not that I have much of a choice sometimes.
I KNOW! I think I'll just finish that last load of laundry and work on my socks for a bit. I'm almost ready to turn the heel! I've finished some of my Christmas knitting already, but I really need to evaluate what else I really want to knit for Christmas and make sure I actually give myself enough time to do it.
2YO is adjusting well to staying with my friend and her kids while I work in 5YO's classroom. She cried when I left, but only for a few seconds. She was a perfect child the rest of the time. At least, that's what my friend says.
I'm rambling. I feel like I'm about to hit my wall really soon. I should be trying to nap while 2YO is napping. She reeeeeally needed a nap today! We have cheer practice later and I don't want her to be any crankier than she needs to be. Then again, I guess I don't need to be any more cranky either!

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